Website Analytics

Shine Arts Designs provides clear cut Analytics reports for a site which includes checking site traffic, popularity of website on Internet and the ranking of website. Our report also includes details about visitors, Page views, Bounce rate and etc. Analyzing the performance of website or traffic of website is important for online marketing.

Google itself provide the tool for Web Analytics. Google is providing Google Analytics to watch and record the statistics of a website. Google Analytics is having some advantages over other tools like user friendly, Customizable reports and it provides complete analyzing report of users, websites, devices used by user and etc.

Our complete site audit report is based on SEO of a Website, Site Performance, Usability, Social Sharing, Security, Technologies used. It’s a complete website analytics process including all subpages of a website.

Reports on the basis of:

• SEO - Meta Tags, Header Tags, Keyword, Consistency, Alt Tags, Back links and Broken Links

• Usability - Mobile Viewports, Flash used in Website, iframes, Favicon

• Performance - Loading Time & Speed, Page Size, Script Errors, Optimize Images, Minification

• Social Presence - Facebook, Twiiter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Google +

• Security - SSL Enabled, HTTPS Redirect, Malware Check, Email Privacy

• Technology - Server IP Address, DNS Server, Web Server, Charset

As mentioned here we audit a site completely from SEO to Security & Technologies used in that site. Shine Arts Designs always wants to deliver the best and so we serve our best for web analytics also. Get a Free SEO Audit Report for your Site from Shine Arts Designs, leading Web Designing and SEO Company in Chennai.

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Search Engine Optimization

When everyone seeks your Site then Google starts searching your Website. Shine Arts Designs offers SEO Service assure a business is in the top most ranking position in Google. Our working style on SEO is based on Keywords obtained by deep keywords research and competitor’s analysis and that will help in SEO process of a site.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is next crucial part in Digital Marketing and crucial for online business. It gains popularity and awareness about your business on Google. Generally we can say that Search Engine Marketing Services will help for awareness and maximize the results of promotions. Simply we can say SEM is the instant approach of building awareness.

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Social Media Optimization

Social Media presence for a business is become compulsion. Shine Arts Designs assures your presence across in various Social Media. We are offering best SMO for your Business presence across in various Social Media and also promotions through that media. Our Effective Strategy for Social Media optimization grows your business through social platforms.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is referred to promoting your Business in various Social Media Platforms. From the plenty of Social Media Platforms you can choose best and suitable media for your business. We have separate and independent strategy for each platform. Our SMM Specialists guide you to choose best activities across various Social Media platforms.

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Email Marketing

Despite of the presence of Social Media and Email Marketing Service is still an important part of marketing. Shine Arts Designs using Email Marketing Tools that do not create any spam. We have variety of Email Templates which is used for Corporate Activities. We can lead a business for reach and lead conversion through Email Marketing.